Alerts by using satellite connections

AgroAlarm® is a new and innovative alarm system developed by PinC Agro, A Dutch company. This system uses a satellite connection and line monitoring through an automated control centre. The Adésys Octalarm-IP alarm dialler is a key component of this system. 

The alarm chain makes use of a geostationary satellite connection and a GPRS connection for backup. All alerts are routed through an automated control centre, which checks the connection from control centre to alarm dialler every minute. Alerts are forwarded with SMS Assist and as a voice message. SMS Assist, an Android phone app, is a useful tool for receiving and accepting alerts and provides an overview of the most recent alerts.

View the adjacent video of PinC Agro, part of Achmea, the company behind AgroAlarm, here visiting the progressive farm Kipster. Note that the language spoken in this video is Dutch.

What AgroAlarm® can mean in other companies, please visit more information