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Building management

Building management systems must function at all times, without being visible and without interruptions. Technical malfunctions can result in unworkable situations, possibly causing trading losses. Malfunctions must therefore be reported immediately, even before the manager receives any complaints from users.

Adesys has intelligent alarm modems that are capable of autonomously reporting not only the malfunctions, but also failures in the building management system itself. With these dialers, Adesys is rapidly expanding its position in the building management sector, thanks partly to the expert implementation support and the long availability of the products.

Applications with alarm modems

  • establishing data communications with the building management system
  • reporting alarms and alarm resets from the building management system
  • reporting mains failures in the building management system
  • monitoring the building management system itself and autonomously reporting in the case of failures
  • reporting to various types of alarm servers or Control Centres
  • remotely resetting installations

Applications with an ARA-pro alarm server

  • centrally registering and reporting alarms and alarm resets in multiple buildings
  • receiving reports from Adesys alarm dialers and alarm dialers of other manufacturers
  • automatically controlling the standby shifts on duty rosters
  • registering all action taken

Products used in this industry:

3G modem and SMS alarm detector. Controlling and monitoring your technical installations.

Alarm server for handling up to 1000 different alarmlocations.

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