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The applications in the Industrial sector are too many to list. Essentially, any process in which a failure or stagnation will result in losses (loss of production, loss of time, damage to the environment) can be linked to a telephone-based alarm dialer that immediately calls the persons responsible and so ensures that the damages are kept to a minimum.

One condition for using these dialers is that a signal must be available to start the alarm procedure. This can be arranged by using an alarm contact from the installation, or a serial connection with which the process computer gives the alarm dialer instructions to call people.

Besides stand-alone alarm dialers, Adesys also sells modems with built-in alarm functions, particularly for PLCs with limited communication options. For centrally managing multiple installations, Adesys offers both alarm dialers and central alarm servers (a computer based solution).

Products used in this industry:

Alarmdialer for guarding critical processes. Alarm messages: Speech, SMS, pager.

Monitors your machines and processes. Sends alarm messages as SMS and e-mail.

Data logger with storage in the cloud. Access to data via wired and wireless internet.

3G modem and SMS alarm detector. Controlling and monitoring your technical installations.

ISDN type alarm dialer for guarding critical processes.

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