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Mobile installations

The applications with Mobile Installations are too many to list. Complicating factors in the communications with mobile installations and machinery are often the lack of telephone lines and supply voltage. Especially for these applications, alarm dialers are available for use over the GSM network. These alarm dialers can be used with a range of power supplies: mains, low-voltage supply 12/24V, batteries or solar panels.

Besides stand-alone alarm dialers, Adesys also sells modems with built-in alarm functions. For centrally managing multiple installations, Adesys has a central ARA-pro alarm server.

Products used in this industry:

Monitors your machines and processes. Sends alarm messages as SMS and e-mail.

Data logger with storage in the cloud. Access to data via wired and wireless internet.

Compact DIN-rail alarmdialer. Alarm messages:Speech, SMS, pager.

GPRS datalogger with storage in the cloud and web-visualisation.

Universal SMS-alarmdialer with build in emergency supply.

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