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Service organisations

By using Adesys products, service organisations can operate faster and more efficiently. The alarm modems will autonomously report any malfunctions in technical installations to the service mechanic or to an alarm server like ARA-pro with a duty roster without human intervention and without losing any more time than is absolutely necessary. The benefit is that the amount of work for the service mechanics on duty is reduced because only the alarms that are relevant at that time are reported. In addition, management gains a better understanding of the situation with the extensive reporting options.

Applications with alarm modems

  • reporting alarms and alarm resets from multiple installations and process and other computers
  • reporting mains failures
  • reporting to various types of alarm servers like ARA-pro (or SCADA systems)
  • remotely resetting installations
  • requesting an installation's alarm status over the telephone line
  • establishing data communications for remote control

Applications with an alarm server like ARA-pro

  • centrally registering and managing alarms and alarm resets at multiple locations
  • receiving reports from Adesys alarm dialers and alarm dialers of other manufacturers
  • automatically controlling standby shifts of service technicians using duty rosters
  • registering all action taken
  • generating management information about alarm handling

Products used in this industry:

Data logger with storage in the cloud. Access to data via wired and wireless internet.

3G modem and SMS alarm detector. Controlling and monitoring your technical installations.

Alarm server for handling up to 1000 different alarmlocations.

Compact DIN-rail alarmdialer. Alarm messages:Speech, SMS, pager.

GPRS datalogger with storage in the cloud and web-visualisation.

Universal SMS-alarmdialer with build in emergency supply.

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