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Water applications

Control systems in water plants and stations have to carry out their tasks at all times without being noticed and without causing any malfunctions. Stalling can quickly result in loss of production and damage to the environment, possibly leading to claims. Malfunctions therefore have to be reported immediately, before any complaints come in.

Adesys offers intelligent alarm modems that are capable of autonomously reporting not only the malfunctions, but also failure of PLCs and the pump computers. The reliability of Adesys alarm modems made them famous in the water sector, as has the long availability of the products.

Applications with alarm modems

  • forwarding alarms and alarm resets from water plants / purification plants / pumping stations
  • autonomously reporting mains failures at water plants / purification plants / pumping stations
  • establishing data communications with the pump computer or PLC
  • establishing and maintaining IP-based always on-line connections (GPRS)
  • monitoring the process computer or the PLC itself and autonomously forwarding alarms in the case of stalling
  • reporting to various types of central stations and SCADA systems
  • autonomously switching off pumps in pressure sewers (if necessary sequentially)
  • requesting the alarm status of water plants / purification plants / pumping stations over the telephone line
  • reading first-line sensors
  • requesting water levels over the telephone for shipping traffic

Applications with an ARA-pro central alarm station

  • centrally registering and managing alarms and alarm resets
  • receiving alarms from Adesys alarm dialers and dialers of other manufacturers
  • automatically controlling standby shifts based on duty rosters
  • registering all action taken
  • generating management information

Products used in this industry:

Alarmdialer for guarding critical processes. Alarm messages: Speech, SMS, pager.

Monitors your machines and processes. Sends alarm messages as SMS and e-mail.

3G modem and SMS alarm detector. Controlling and monitoring your technical installations.

Alarm server for handling up to 1000 different alarmlocations.

Compact DIN-rail alarmdialer. Alarm messages:Speech, SMS, pager.

Universal SMS-alarmdialer with build in emergency supply.

ISDN type alarm dialer for guarding critical processes.

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