Phasing out the ISDN lines as of the beginning of 2020

BT (British Telecom) announced its plan to phase out the ISDN1 and ISDN2 services and the multiple PSTN lines. Effective 2020, these services will no longer be available and although that still seems far off, it is important to consider the potential implications now. 


Perhaps you are currently using ISDN lines to make outside calls. Providers of cloud telephony services may already have contacted you. Perhaps you have already decided to migrate. 

But what about the alarm system and other company-related systems?

 Heaven forbid you should be stuck in a lift and when you press the emergency button you realise that the system no longer connects you with the alarm centre. Or that you fail to receive an alert on a sunny afternoon when the ventilation in the pig stable fails. 

Avoid being faced with a potentially life-threatening situation after your migration.  Survey in advance the existence of the following installations, for example, in your business: 

  • Alerting
  • Fire alarm panel
  • Emergency buttons in lifts
  • ATMs and postage meters

If you have already migrated, contact the supplier of the devices or the installer who installed these devices at the time. They know the installation, the applicable laws and regulations, as well as the on-site situation so that they can recommend the right solution for your specific situation.  

Adésys Alarms

Over the years, Adésys has developed alarm systems for many sectors that comply with laws and regulations, as well as user wishes. Depending on the sector, the phase-out of ISDN affects the reliability of these alarm systems.  Contact us or your installer. We will always come up with a solution for you!