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Alarm products

There are alarm dialers and modems for analogue telephone lines (PSTN), ISDN lines and there are GSM/GPRS models for situations where you don't have a telephone line. If you connect the dialer to a VoIP (Voice over IP) connection or other form of internet telephony, Adesys also recommends a number of additional measures such as an emergency power supply for the internet modem or an ADSL splitter with built-in overvoltage protection. You can contact Adesys' sales department on +31 (0)174 794022 or via for advice and help with product choice. 

Alarmdialer for guarding critical processes. Alarm messages: Speech, SMS, pager.

Monitors your machines and processes. Sends alarm messages as SMS and e-mail.

Data logger with storage in the cloud. Access to data via wired and wireless internet.

3G modem and SMS alarm detector. Controlling and monitoring your technical installations.

Convenient display of current measured values from your process

Alarm server for handling up to 1000 different alarmlocations.

Compact DIN-rail alarmdialer. Alarm messages:Speech, SMS, pager.

Other products

GPRS datalogger with storage in the cloud and web-visualisation.

Universal SMS-alarmdialer with build in emergency supply.

ISDN type alarm dialer for guarding critical processes.