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SVL Weblogger

The demand for simple solutions for logging and visualising measured values in the field is increasing steadily. Monitoring a process without having to visit the site is convenient and saves time. This prompted Adésys to develop a product that makes it very simple to log and display measured values from technical processes on an internet page.

The advantages

  • Data logger with storage and visualisation in the Cloud
  • Makes data accessible via fixed and mobile internet
  • PT 100 temperature sensors can be connected directly!
  • Alerts sent as SMS and/or e-mail if limit values are exceeded (without SMTP settings)
  • 3G - 5 band GSM module enables global use

View your values and statuses remotely

The Weblogger is a compact and simple data logger that is used to display your processes’ analogue measured values and digital statuses. You can view the values and statuses remotely via an accessible internet page called The datalogger is a stand-alone application to which measured values can be connected directly. Once started up, the Weblogger will forward the measured values automatically via GPRS or fixed internet to the internet page. You will have your own account on the internet page where you can view your monitoring sites and current measured values. If the limit values are exceeded, the Weblogger will send you an SMS text message and/or e-mail alert.

Temperature registration

The SVL Weblogger is a stand-alone data logger for temperature registration according to HCCP guidelines. The PT100 temperature sensors can be connected directly to the weblogger. It is possible to set up how often a measurement needs to be taken and if there is a temperature deviation you will receive an SMS text message and/or e-mail alert. This means that you do not have to monitor actively. The saved measured values are sent to the secure portal via fixed Ethernet or the 3G mobile network. You can view and download the data by logging on to this web application.

Measurement centre

You can organise the internet page according to your requirements. The measured values and monitoring sites are displayed in diagrams using the available standard diagrams and widgets. You can read the measured values and design your measurement pages using a PC, tablet or smartphone. Your up-to-date measured data and alerts are within reach 

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