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SVM 3G modem

Modems are often used in industry in places where local technical systems need to be connected to a central process computer/SCADA application. This process computer is used to operate and read these local processes.

Using the SVM 3G modem, you are “always on line” with your applications in the field. The SVM’s unique “auto log on” concept means that the often complex 3G connection technology is simplified to the standard modem technology. If the connection fails, the system switches automatically to GSM, so that status and alarm information such as SMS alerts can be sent 

The advantages:

  • Control and monitoring of your technical systems
  • Combination of 3G internet modem and SMS alarm dialler
  • “Steady Connect” for extremely stable connections
  • Low communication costs compared to dialled connections 
  • Access to PLCs without needing to use the business network

Changing existing dialled modem connections to 3G wireless internet

The SVM is the right product for simply changing existing dialled modem connections to 3G mobile internet. This usually requires no modifications in the PLC because the SVM can process the existing modem commands and use this to build a stable wireless internet connection. As soon as the connection is realised, data from the PLC is read via the RS232 port and forwarded to the SCADA application via 3G wireless internet. Any alarm contacts/alarm statuses can be connected to the SVM inputs. This means that the SVM also functions as an alarm dialler with SMS alert. By means of the built-in emergency power supply even power failure in the monitored process is reported by SMS.

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