Industrial monitoring and alarm solutions

Interruption of industrial processes and the malfunction of industrial plants can cause major losses. Tonnes of production losses, days of delay and irreparable environmental damage can be the result.

The Adésys intelligent alarm modems offer a solution. On the basis of a process signal, they can immediately and automatically call up the manager and help ensure that the magnitude of the damage remains limited. Furthermore, if desired, they can set off a clear alarm at the specific site of the problem.

Specialist in industry

For Adésys, industry has more or less become a collective name for all machinery and processes used in the industrial sector where an Adésys solution has been deployed to monitor measured values.

Over the years we have developed solutions for monitoring a range of processes and equipment, including wind turbines, process temperatures in the food or pharmaceutical industry, pumps, and for independently forwarding fire alarm system alarms, etc. Our solutions are therefore deployed in a wide variety of applications with the objective of acquiring greater control over a process and to be able to intervene as soon as any deviations are detected.

Adésys alarm dialers features

  • Ability to report business computer malfunctions
  • Ability to report machinery malfunctions
  • Ability to report production process malfunctions
  • Ability to independently report fire alarm system alarms
  • Ability to report power failures
  • Ability to activate alarms at the site itself using a buzzer or flashing light
  • Ability to retrieve alarm status via telephone
  • Ability to issue alerts in the form of voice messages, SMS, paging and e-mail
  • Line monitoring and ability to remotely change settings via the internet
Alarm dialler with the latest technologies for monitoring critical technical processes to prevent damage and production loss.
Alarm server for handling different alarmlocations.
SVA alarm dialler
Industrial 4G SMS/email alarm dialler for monitoring of your technical processes.
SVL Weblogger
Industrial 4G Weblogger for sending alerts in relation to limit values being exceeded.