Configuring the Modalarm-IP

I no longer remember the fixed IP address. How do I log into the Modalarm-IP anyway?
You can reset the dialler to DHCP by pressing the reset button 4 times for 3 seconds with a 1 second pause in between each time.

Can I set a fixed IP address in the Modalarm-IP?
Yes, this is possible. The dialler can be set to a fixed IP address as well as DHCP.

Where can I find additional information to configure the Modalarm-IP?
An online manual for the Modalarm-IP is available at

Can the inputs also be configured as analogue inputs?
Yes this is possible. All four inputs can be set as a contact, 0-10V or 4-20mA input.

I would like to activate an output at location A when an input becomes active at location B. Is this possible with the Modalarm-IP?
Yes this is possible. With 2 Modalarm-IP modules you can transfer this action via the internet (mobile as well as fixed internet (LAN/WAN)).

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