The Octalarm-IP is no longer available. The successors to this dialler are the Octalarm-Touch and the Octalarm-Touch Pro.

Do you still monitor your processes with an Octalarm-IP?

Note: limited lifespan

As of 2022, the 3G network will NOT be supported by Vodafone and EE and BT Group has announced that 3G services will be phased off for all EE, BT Mobile and Plusnet customers by the end of 2023. The Modalarm-IP has an automatic fallback to 2G. However, because all installations with a 3G GSM module fall back to the 2G network at the same time, the communication speed/coverage decreases drastically. This may cause communication problems for installations with a 2G and 3G module.

In addition, for 2G, the phase-out period from June 2023 to 2025 is mentioned (see the knowledge article Disabling 2G and 3G network, what does this mean for my alerts?). Due to the loss of these networks, the lifespan of this dialler is limited. In order not to jeopardise the safety of your technical processes, these diallers must therefore be replaced (possibly prematurely) by Q1 of 2025 at the latest.

We advise you to consider the purchase of the successor, the Octalarm-Touch. This 5th-generation Octalarm uses the latest technology to enable secure and reliable alerts using today’s (significantly changed) digital telephone networks. With Octalarm-Touch, you’re ready for the future!

More info about Octalarm-Touch


What was the Octalarm-IP again

The Octalarm-IP is an extremely reliable alarm dialler that has been used for more than 10 years in horticulture, intensive livestock farming and water management. The alarm dialler is available in 3 variants, one with a second call connection (redundant). This means that alarms arrive with high certainty. 

  1. Alerts sent as voice messages and/or SMS
  2. Alerts via analogue telephone connection (PSTN) and GSM (2-3G)
  3. VoIP possible with analogue telephone adapter (ATA)
  4. Remote setup and management with IP-prog and / or internet via standard web browser

The different variants of the versatile alarm dialler are devided into 3 main groups:

  1. PE-version: Alarm dialler for the fixed PSTN network (VoIP possible with an analog port on a VoIP modem or ATA; analogue telephone adapter)
  2. PG-version: Redundant alarm dialler through combined PSTN (VoIP possible with an analog port on a VoIP modem or ATA; analogue telephone adapter) and GSM network (supplied with 2-3G GSM/UMTS module)
  3. GE-version: Alarm dialler for the GSM network (supplied with 2-3G GSM/UMTS module)

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