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Alarm dialers and dataloggers for guarding your process

Adesys develops and manufactures telephone-based alarm dialers and advanced industrial modems for such fields as the water sector, industry and the agricultural sector.

By focusing on reliability, long availability and implementation support, Adesys is a welcome partner in the world of technical automation. Adesys leads the market in the product group for telephone-based alarm dialers in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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22 November 2016

Adésys updates Octalarm-IP alarm diallers with 3G GSM-module

The Octalarm-IP is an alarm dialler that dials out technical alarms to the responsible people. The alarm dialler does this using the fixed line network or the built-in GSM module on the 2G-GSM network. At the end of this year, however, the 2G network will disappear in a number of countries.

16 August 2016

Release of the new SV-productline

Adésys has been developing and producing electronic equipment and software for measuring, regulating and alarm reporting for industrial and agrarian processes for over 30 years, and is now the market leader. Adésys is proud to introduce its latest development, the new SV product line.  It gives you greater control over your business processes anywhere in the world. Alarm reporting, data logging and communicating have never been simpler!


What we stand for

  • Knowledge of alarm dialers and modems
  • More control over your processes
  • Reliability and ease of use