Products and services for Measuring, Alerting and Connecting within critical business processes

Adésys is a manufacturer of electronics specialising in products and services for measuring, alerting and connecting within critical to very critical business processes. Adésys was founded in 1983 when we developed an innovative solution for the horticulture sector and the intensive livestock farming sector, and thus solved a major problem for farmers in these sectors. In addition to these markets, Adésys now is also present in the water-, cooling, building management and industrial markets. In brief, everywhere where there is a need for smart products to measure, alert and connect.

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Adésys has a very important mission: we want to prevent the consequences of the failure of technical installations.
We design our products in such a way that they fit in seamlessly with the processes of our customer. We strive for the highest attainable reliability and an excellent user-friendliness of our products.

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Our enthusiastic team of 25 employees are working daily to develop and produce innovative products and advise on achieving a seamless connection to the most diverse processes.

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In-house development and production.

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Use of modern techniques, recommended by insurers.


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As of remote management up to downloads for configuration software and a free help desk.