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Disturbances and maintenance

Overview of (remedied) defects and maintenance since January 2019

Remote setting via not possible

Due to a malfunction on the Checkmyprocess Platform, remote settings are currently not possible. The normal alerting of your detector and logging of the data are not affected by this malfunction.

Our engineering department is busy solving this problem. As soon as the failure is resolved, we will report this on the website.

Since Tuesday, June 21, the problem is solved; works as before.

Malfunction in remote setting Checkmyprocess and problems line monitoring ACC

Remote setting possible again on

Today there were some connection problems with the remote settings on These have been solved, but the recently logged data is not yet updated. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Since 13:15 the display on is up-to-date again. In some cases, the online status of alarm indicators of the SV product line does not synchronise automatically. You can synchronise in two ways:

  1. by refreshing the page on This causes the status to jump from 'offline' to 'online';
  2. by restarting the detector to have the status updated.

Advice to stop using Adésys Control Centre (ACC) actively

The Adésys Control Centre (ACC) has also been experiencing problems since last night. We have heard from several customers that they received error messages. In addition to the cancellation of line monitoring, the sending of e-mail notifications from the alarm dialler is no longer possible due to the failure of the ACC. Alarm notifications such as voice message, SMS and paging will, of course, continue to work. 

Since 15:19h the malfunction of the ACC has also been solved. As we don't support the ACC actively anymore since July 2021, we advise users who have enabled line monitoring of the ACC to deactivate it in the Octalarm-IP alarm dialler

Blue UI Icons by Icons8

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Planned maintenance ‘Check my process’ on June 8

On Tuesday, June 8, scheduled maintenance will be performed on the measure centre ‘Check my process’ between 10:00h and 11:00h. This may cause a temporary interruption in the accessibility of the platform.

The normal alarming of your dialler will not be affected by this planned maintenance.

Malfunction ACC (Adesys Control Center); no consequences for normal alarms

Incorrectly, our ACC states that the internet connection with your Octalarm-IP has been broken (line monitoring). However, this is a failure in ACC and NOT in the connection with your Octalarm-IP. This failure has no consequences for the normal alarm of the Octalarm-IP.

Our engineering department is busy resolving this problem. As soon as the malfunction has been corrected we will state this on our website.

The problem has been solved since Friday June 7 and the servers are stable again. The ACC works as before.

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