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How do I choose my sector (s)?

As an installer you may work in different industries. It is important that any end customers know where you are the specialist and that is why the ABC installer overview indicates in which sector (s) you are active. As a division, we work with the work areas of the end customers. So indicate in which sectors you are active as an installer.

Livestock Farming

Connecting and setting up measurement and control techniques in livestock farming. Think of climate computers, air washing systems, feeding computers and milking robots.


Connecting and setting up measurement and control techniques in horticulture. Think of climate computers, substrate systems and irrigation systems.

Water management

Connecting, setting up and managing control systems for managing water quality and water quantity. You are active in the field of pumping stations and pumps OR you are responsible for the management of water quality and water quantity.

Building management

Connecting and setting up building management systems and advising on communication solutions for remote setting and management.

(Manufacturing) industry

Installation and management of all kinds of industrial production lines.


Connecting and setting up measuring and control techniques for cooling installations.

Fire safety | Traffic and Public Lighting | ICT and Automation | Health care

Installers who advise on alarms in these sectors where the processes are often less critical.

Insurer | Unknown

Insurer - all insurance parties active in the agricultural sector.

Unknown - if you don't recognize yourself in one of the industries mentioned by us.