Adésys is a manufacturer of electronics specialising in products and services for measuring, controlling and alerting within critical business processes. Adésys was founded in 1983 when we developed an innovative solution for the horticulture sector and the intensive livestock farming sector. In addition to these markets, Adésys now is also present in the water, cooling, building management and industrial markets. In brief, everywhere where there is a need for smart products to measure, alert and connect.

Seamless connection

Our 30, highly motivated employees work hard on creating the smartest most useful products for critical business processes.  We develop and produce all of our products ourselves thus enabling us to optimally apply our experience, expertise and resources for the development and production of our products.  This provides us with the flexibility of not only complying with strict requirements, it also enables us to produce customer-specific applications that make it possible to actually seamlessly connect our products.

Reliable and user friendly

The placement and the configuration of our products play a key part in achieving the desired security and reliability. As a rule we therefore supply our products through our network of electrical engineering and commercial firms.

We have a partner login specifically for this partner network in which we share exclusive information with these partners. If you would like to become a partner as well, please contact us.

Ordering and installing our products

As a rule Adésys supplies its products through its network of electrical engineering and commercial firms, our partners. They install and configure the products.  To make the ordering of these products and accessories as easy as possible for our partners, they can acquire them through our webshop.

End-users with their own technical services department may also decide to acquire the products directly from our webshop.  We would like to specifically emphasise that alerting is a key element in your business operations. Our products secure the operation of one or more technical processes that are critical to your business. Installing our products is a trade. Therefore be sure to contact us if you have any doubt about the successful installation of our product.

Contact us if you would like to become a partner.

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