About us: Adésys in a nutshell

Adésys is a manufacturer of electronics, specialized in products and services for measuring, alerting and connecting in critical business processes. Adésys was founded in 1983 when we developed an innovative solution for the horticultural sector and intensive livestock farming. In addition to these markets, Adésys is now also active in watermanagement, the cooling sector, building management and industry. In short, wherever smart products are needed for measuring, alerting and connecting.

Seamless connection

Our highly motivated employees work hard to create the smartest and most meaningful products for critical business processes. We develop and produce all our products ourselves, so we can optimally use our experience, expertise and resources in the development and production of our products. It gives us the flexibility not only to meet strict requirements, we can also make customer-specific adjustments that can make our products really connect seamlessly.

icon-veilig-en-betrouwbaar Safe and reliable

  1. In control through insight into your processe
  2. Redundant alerts
  3. Built-in emergency power

icon-flexibel Flexible

  1. Custom solutions possible for specific situations
  2. In-house development and own production

icon-gebruiksvriendelijk User-friendly

  1. Simple implementation
  2. Remote setup and management
  3. Can be used worldwide

icon-servicegericht Service-oriented

  1. Repair and helpdesk during product life cycle (of 10 years)
  2. Manuals and free setup software available on website

Order and install our products

Placing and setting up our products are a very important part of obtaining safe and reliable alarms. As a rule, we supply our products through our network of electrical installation companies and trading firms, our partners. They install the products and make the necessary settings. A webshop is available to make requesting a quote for our products and accessories as easy as possible.

End-users with their own technical department may also decide to purchase products directly through our webshop. We would like to emphasize that alarms are a very important part of your business operations. Our products protect the functioning of one or more technical processes that are crucial for your company. Installing our products is a profession, so please contact us if you are unsure whether the installation is successful.

Especially for our partner network, we have a partner portal where exclusive information is shared with these partners. You are not yet a partner and want to become one? Then sign up as a partner.

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