Ever since 1983 the telephone alert specialist

We have been supplying our telephone alarms and modems for monitoring critical processes and installations since 1983. We are proud of these products and their long lifespan. As a guideline, you can assume that the reliability decreases more quickly with alarms older than 10 years. Depending on the conditions of use, this may even be earlier. For information about lifespan, repair or service, please refer to the service page.

Ready for replacement?

Do you still have one of the products below in use and are you looking for an alternative to these products? Then view the product page for all relevant information or contact our sales department for replacement advice. We are happy to help you further so that you are ready for the future!

Our old(er) products at a glance

Monitoring multiple technical installations with clear alarm handling for large numbers of alarms with a duty roster for service people.
SVA 3G alarm dialler
Monitors your machines and processes. Sends alarm messages as SMS and email.
SVL 3G Weblogger
Data logger with storage in the cloud. Access to data via wired and wireless internet.
SVM 3G modem
3G modem and SMS alarm detector. Controlling and monitoring your technical installations.
SVM-X56 3G modem
The solution that allows access to the Priva installation using the internet.
Severa GPRS Webmeter
GPRS datalogger with storage in the cloud and web-visualisation.
Severa Modem
Universal SMS-alarm dialler with build-in emergency supply.
Severa Steady Connect
GPRS modem / SMS alarm dialler for very stable connection and alarm via SMS.
ISDN type alarm dialer for guarding critical processes.
Versatile alarm / modem combination with voice, SMS and pager messages.