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Easily and securely set alternating (fault) services on your Octalarm dialler(s)

Do you change your call lists in the Octalarm alarm dialler every week? Or do you link a different call list to your alarm input each time? Is 1 weekly schedule not enough for monitoring your alarms? Or would you like more flexibility for scheduling your service technicians in case of alarms? The duty schedule module for Octalarm alarm dialler(s) offers the solution!

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Totally new ARA-Pro almost available: ARA-Pro Next

The current ARA-Pro 5 is a comprehensive Windows application which has been extended over the years. The new ARA-Pro Next will be available in phases and will be extended step by step after the first release. We are proud to announce that the first version of ARA-Pro Next will be available at the end of Q2!

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New feature: number of call attempts within call lists can be set

In the coming days a new software version (2.4.5) will be sent to all Octalarm-Touch and Octalarm-Touch Pro alarm diallers in the field. Besides the usual fixes, 3 new features have been added. Especially the ability to set the number of call attempts to contacts within call lists makes reaching the first contact in line even easier.

We recommend always installing a software update on all devices in the field.

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Network controlled alarms from VEC computer control system of Dutch Mushroom Projects now possible

The state of the art computer control system for compost preparation and mushroom cultivation from Dutch Mushroom Projects (DMP) can now trigger network-controlled alarms directly via the Octalarm-Touch Pro. This makes DMP the first supplier to have linked their process computer to the alarm dialler via Octalarm Link (JSON REST API).

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