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Software update Octalarm alarm diallers again offers more options

There is a new software version (2.5.0) for Octalarm alarm daillers. Besides the usual fixes, a number of changes have been made: the battery life is now 3 years, system failure Multiple alarms now alarms per call list, system failure Nobody Scheduled is new, it is possible to define the pronunciation of words, in ARA-Pro Next you can link Dupline modules, in the duty roster module the start day of the shift can now be adjusted and you can easily put contacts absent (and present again). Furthermore, Octalarm Link is offered as an additional licence and Octalarm Connect now offers different subscription types.

All internet-connected diallers have received the update. We recommend installing a software update at all times.

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Last call: buy Octalarm-IP now

The Octalarm-IP is in very limited supply due to a small remaining stock of 200 pieces and the inability to buy all components. Now is the last chance to purchase this device.

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14 April closed: staff celebrate

1 February 1983 was a memorable day: Aad Duijvestijn officially started AD systems on that date; renamed Adésys a few years later. Reason enough to celebrate this anniversary with the staff, which is why we will be closed all day on Friday 14 April. Monday morning 17 April we will all be ready for you again.

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Easily and securely set alternating (fault) services on your Octalarm dialler(s)

Do you change your call lists in the Octalarm alarm dialler every week? Or do you link a different call list to your alarm input each time? Is 1 weekly schedule not enough for monitoring your alarms? Or would you like more flexibility for scheduling your service technicians in case of alarms? The duty schedule module for Octalarm alarm dialler(s) offers the solution!

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