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Lifespan of 3G/2G diallers severely restricted by telecom network changes

With the arrival of first the 4G and now the 5G network, UK telecom providers started phasing out the 3G network and this network will no longer be supported by most providers by 2023. Subsequently, the 2G network of Vodafone and EE will be phased off from June 2023 and will also be discontinued from 2025. As a result, the lifespan of 2G and 3G diallers is very limited and they must be replaced (possibly early).

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Network controlled alarms now possible with the new Octalarm-Touch Pro

The Octalarm-Touch Pro has been developed especially for technical installations that need to be able to report large numbers of alarms via a separate network interface. In addition to safe and reliable alarms via today's (strongly changed) digital telephone networks, the Octalarm-Touch Pro has an extra Ethernet port and the Adésys standard 'Octalarm Link' (JSON REST API) for network controlled alarms.

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Planned maintenance ‘Check my process’ on June 8

On Tuesday, June 8, scheduled maintenance will be performed on the measure centre ‘Check my process’ between 10:00h and 11:00h. This may cause a temporary interruption in the accessibility of the platform.

The normal alarming of your dialler will not be affected by this planned maintenance.

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More extra functions in the Octalarm-Touch

For the third time in a row, April is marked by a launch around the Octalarm-Touch for Adésys. In April 2019, we introduced our new alarm monitor for monitoring critical technical processes. Last year April followed the first software update with a number of important additions that further increased the safety and ease of use of the Octalarm-Touch. This year's update includes 5 new functions, of which the change log (audit trail) makes a major contribution to the transparency of alarm safety. It is therefore again highly recommended that this update be implemented.

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