Measurement and alarm solutions for Water Management

Monitor your water purification plants, pressure sewage systems and pumping stations

All of us have to be able to rely on the control systems used in pumping stations. Malfunction or erroneous operation can easily result in flooded land, contaminated water or long-term damage to the environment, with considerable claims as a consequence. Waiting for the complaints from angry citizens naturally is not an option. In case of errors or total malfunction, the manager must be informed immediately.

  1. Pumping system failures reported directly to the master station, smartphone or pager
  2. Communication between pumps and the SCADA master station
  3. Power failure in pump station reported by built-in standby power supply
  4. SCADA system monitored by watchdog function
  5. Local alarm in pumping station possible via buzzer and flashing light

In this sector you will find our

Alarm dialler with the latest technologies for monitoring critical technical processes to prevent damage and production loss.
Versatile alarm dialler for monitoring of critical processes via analogue connection and/or 2-3G.
Alarm server for handling different alarmlocations.
SVA-X16 pumping control with 4G module
Replacement Radius control in pressure sewer systems

Insight into your water quality and quantity management system

Our alarm diallers and modems are used in the water management sector for the monitoring of sewer systems and waste water treatment plants, and for drinking water (water quality) and surface water (water quantity) management.

Pressure sewage system

Monitoring of mini-pumping stations in pressure sewage systems is something Adésys specialise in. We do that in collaboration with pump suppliers who realise pressure sewage projects commissioned by councils and regional water authorities. Thanks to their compact design, our favourably priced SVA alarm device and SVM modem can easily fit into the often compact control panels of mini-pumping stations.

The fact that Adésys design their own alarm diallers and modems also means that they can be modified for specific applications. This often involves links to specific PLCs used in sewage pumping station control panels. Among others, such customised versions have been developed for Xylem, Mous Waterbeheer, Interact and YP Your Partner.

The latest development in this respect is the SVA-X16 pumping control with 4G module. This device is used to replace Radius controls. It both communicates with the main pumping station and controls local pumping station, thus eliminating the need for a PLC!

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Drinking water

Monitoring drinking water companies’ pumps guarantees the supply of drinking water to businesses and households. Many large companies in this field, such as Evides, Brabant Water and Oasen have trusted in the reliability of Adésys alarms for years now. Would you like to know what we can do for you?

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Surface water management

Adésys has a long tradition of collaboration with regional water authorities in the Netherlands. Monitoring the larger pumping stations and waste water treatment plants guarantees a sustainable water management programme in both urban and rural areas.

Modern modem technologies are used to transmit the important data to the main pumping stations. These data can subsequently be analysed to aid water policy making. To improve safety levels, Octalarm alarm diallers are often used as a back-up in situations where the data are transmitted between the pumping station and the SCADA master station via DSL connections. Would you like to know what we can do for you?

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