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We set high standards for the quality of our products. Over the years, we have built up a network of installers who set the same high standards for their work. Our common goal is to ensure that our alarm, measurement and connection solutions function optimally.

As a registered installer you have access to a wide range of technical information, explanations about products, price lists, the possibility to request a supplier declaration and to register repairs. You will also be included in the installer's ABC overview.

When end users place an order in the webshop, it is recommended to have this order run through an installer. The end user can search for an installer near him via zip code. Showing the installers is done via an algorithm. As a result, the end user sees 3 installers (A, B and C).

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You will need a password to proceed. You can request this by filling in and sending this form. After verification by our account managers, you will receive the login details by e-mail.

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