Alarm solutions for Glasshouse horticulture

Monitor climate computers, substrate systems and irrigation systems

Adésys has always had strong ties with the horticultural sector. The company was in fact founded in 1983 to meet the demand for control and protection solutions in that sector.

The scale of nurseries and market gardens has increased substantially and so too, therefore, has the volume of technology that needs monitoring. Monitoring climate computers, substrate systems and irrigation systems safeguards sustainable and safe operational management. Knowing that you'll be alerted in the event of any problem on site gives you peace of mind. It will prevent damage due to process failure.

  1. Fault/failure alerts from the climate computer, substrate alarm, minimum/maximum temperature, etc.
  2. Power failure alerts
  3. Redundant alarm dialler
  4. Switch alarms and/or sections on/off remotely
  5. On-site alarm via buzzer and flashing light
  6. Check the alarm status with your smartphone
  7. Line monitoring of sms connection in the event of line failure
  8. Insurance companies recommend this solution

Do you still monitor your processes with a 1st or 2nd generation Octalarm or T-series?

These diallers are maybe more than 15 years old and no longer guarantees a reliable alarm. Electronics are aging, the risk of failure increases and it is impossible to predict when the detector will fail. Waiting for this to happen will lead to a situation in which you will be temporarily without alarm and risk financial and emotional damage. That is of course not an option!

’It still works’ shouldn't be a reason to have your assets, with a value of many thousands or even millions, protected by equipment that may be 15 years old or even older. Take advantage of our cashback promotion and enable secure and reliable alerts using today’s (significantly changed) digital telephone networks. With the new dialler you are ready for the future!

Promotion extended to end of May 2021!


Yes, I want to exchange my old dialler

What are the risks of old diallers?

In this sector you will find our

Alarm dialler with the latest technologies for monitoring critical technical processes to prevent damage and production loss.
Versatile alarm dialler for monitoring of critical processes via analogue connection and/or 2-3G.
Monitoring multiple technical installations with clear alarm handling for large numbers of alarms with a duty roster for service people.
Internet Of Things (IOT)
Connect and immediately understand the data, so that you do not intervene afterwards, but from now on, immediately or proactive.

Testimonials: the floor is up to the customer

“The Octalam-Touch has the same operation as a smartphone, making it easy for me and my colleagues to adjust.”

Jasper van der Voort, employee Voort Brielle

Insight into your control system provides assurance and peace of mind

Climate computer alarm handling with ARA-pro

For the Hoogendoorn iSii andPriva Office, it a network interface can be established with the ARA-pro central alarm register. This forwards the alarms from the climate computers to smartphones as spoken messages. As the type of alarm is immediately clear, the technician can quickly take appropriate action.

The software takes the urgency of the alarm and the standby team's duty roster into account. This means that the right person is always alerted and that low priority alerts occurring during the night are deferred to the next day. In short: rest for the team!

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Risks in the agricultural sector

All our solutions are tested by insurance companies that provide crop insurance in the horticultural sector. With an Adésys alarm dialler you know you have an alarm system that these insurers have approved.

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