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All important technical alarms always available on your smartphone!

Adésys is the specialist in the field of monitoring technical installations with telephone alarms. We actually connect your critical technical processes with your smartphone. This way you are always aware of any problems. It provides peace and a sense of security if the monitoring is properly and reliably arranged and it prevents damage due to process failure.

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Alarm dialler with the latest technologies for monitoring critical technical processes to prevent damage and production loss.
Versatile alarm dialler for monitoring of critical processes via analogue line and/or 2-3G.
Alarm server for handling different alarmlocations.
SVA 4G alarm dialler
Industrial 4G SMS/e-mail alarm dialler for monitoring of your technical processes.
SVA-X16 4G alarm dialler
4G module for controlling mini pumping stations in pressure sewer systems
Modalarm- IP
Compact DIN-rail alarm dialler. Alarm messages: Speech, SMS, pager.


Insight into your critical processes, anytime and wherever you are!

It is still true: Measuring is knowing!

By monitoring and displaying important measured values ​​from your technical processes on a website, insight is gained into the current state of your processes. Adésys developed products that have the unique property of also being able to transmit alerts as soon as limit values ​​are exceeded. This way you can always intervene when something threatens to go wrong.

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SVL 4G Weblogger
Industrial 4G Weblogger for sending alerts in relation to limit values being exceeded.
Temperature monitoring
Temperature monitoring in your server room. 24/7 monitoring and alarming.
Check my process
Convenient display of current alert statuses and measured values from your process.


Watching from a distance with your business-critical processes is nice!

You cannot always go to the location to determine whether technical processes are still running properly or to adjust the process. By setting up a modem connection with the process control or PLC, you can analyze the process remotely and adjust it if necessary. That saves time and travel costs!

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SVM 4G modem
Industrial 4G modem/SMS alarm dialler for connection to applications in the field.
SVM-X56 4G modem
4G modem for remote access to Priva building management systems.
Connect and immediately understand the data, so that you do not intervene afterwards, but from now on, immediately or proactive.