SVA alarm dialler

The extremely compact SVA alarm dialler enables you to control your equipment and systems remotely via the mobile phone network. When you activate the inputs (8 at most), the alarm dialler sends a text and/or email message when there is an error. The SVA provides you with continuous insight into your technical system’s status and enables you to intervene at any  time. You can use the relay outputs for remote switching or for resetting your application. The standard built-in emergency power supply means the SVA still sends an alert in the event of power failure.

The benefits

  1. Alerts sent as text message and/or email message (without SMTP settings)
  2. Monitors your equipment and processes
  3. Power failure reporting via emergency power supply
  4. 4G GSM module enables global use

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SVA alarm dialler

Testimonials: the floor is up to the customer

"With these alerts we know what is going on and they enable us to determine the priority with which to dispatch a technician to the location."

Daniël Stok, Contract Manager Unica

"The SVA has made the alarm system far more direct. This prevents a lot of nuisance and distress, and at the same time we are achieving considerable cost savings."

Kees Pullens, DIrector Pullens Elektro B.V.

Product Features

  1. Monitors your equipment and processes
  2. 4G GSM module enables global use
  3. Notifications by SMS (via internal GSM module) and/or email message (via fixed internet and/or GPRS/LTE-M; SMTP settings aren't required)
  4. Number of call opportunities: 3 call lists with 8 call possibilities (phone number or email address)
  5. Input options: 2, 4 or 8 digital inputs (dependent on SVA model)
  6. Also report a power failure in your process due to Supercap built-in emergency power supply (charged after a few minutes)
  7. DIN-rail (TS35) enclosure, dimensions 23 x 95 x 102mm (W x H x D)
  8. Operating temperature -20°C ... +50°C
  9. Supply voltage: 15 - 35VDC / max 8.5W; 20 - 30VAC / max 18VA


LTE-M, a supplement for connectivity via 4G for Machine-2-Machine

This SVA 4G uses the new LTE-M (in full: LTE Cat-M1) band of the 4G network especially for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. In comparison with other solutions, LTE-M has a number of strong advantages:

  • Very good coverage including in buildings
  • High bandwidth for sending and receiving data
  • If your provider supports 2G, the dialler switches over automatically when the 4G network fails

Select the right SIM

Selecting the right SIM is very important to ensure that our equipment operates correctly and safely. Select a 4G SIM of a provider that supports the LTE Cat M1 band. Otherwise you could use a 2G SIM card. 

Easy configuration and remote control

Configuration program SV-prog

You can easily configure the SVA alarm dialler using a PC or laptop. Use the free SV-prog software for this (see on page service/downloads). SV-prog gives you a clear overview of the configuration options.

Remote control with

The SVA alarm dialler can be connected with the Adésys portal via the fixed Ethernet connection or the built-in 4G module. This central platform supports various SV line products. For the SVA, this means:

  • An online overview of all your SVA alarm diallers
  • Easily changing settings remotely
  • Displaying current alert statuses
  • Overview of the alert history

This gives you insight into your alerts using your PC, tablet or smartphone, always and everywhere.

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It is only possible for companies based in the Netherlands to purchase our products online. You can request an online quote.

This SVA 4G uses the new LTE-M (in full: LTE Cat-M1) band of the 4G network especially for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. More information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Article number Description Price  
SVA2000-I 4G SMS/email dialler with 2 contact inputs € 429,00
SVA4002-I 4G SMS/email dialler with 4 contact inputs and 2 relay outputs € 495,00
SVA8000-I 4G SMS/email dialler with 8 contact inputs € 534,00

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