"With these alerts we know what is going on and they enable us to determine the priority with which to dispatch a technician to the location."

Product: SVA alarm dialler

Industry: Gebouwbeheer

Boiler room alarms

On a cold Thursday afternoon I am visiting Daniël Stok, Contract Manager at Unica, at the Rotterdam branch. One of Unica's strengths is its integrated service delivery and the company has extensive expertise relating to energy, ICT, security and equipment engineering. Despite its size, with 14 branches, and the organisation's versatility, it feels very much like a typical Rotterdam business. Genuine practical doers, innovative and focused on solutions and satisfied customers. The team in Rotterdam is responsible for smart, sustainable technologies, such as thermal energy storage systems (TES), specialists, a Legionella team and a facilities engineering team of experts.

Unica boiler malfunction and water pressure SVA application

As Contract Manager, Daniël is operationally and financially responsible for the S&O customer team. This team manages approximately 500 collective heating plants and ensures their continuity. In addition they prepare the multi-year budgets and preserve the plants. The key concern is to provide advice on the best possible solutions that seamlessly respond to the customer's wishes, requirements, regulations and any challenges with the ultimate goal of achieving high customer satisfaction rates.

SVA-3G for monitoring boiler room alarmsTo monitor the boiler plants, where they are responsible for the technical management of the collective boiler plants under contract to the owners' or housing association (VvE), they regularly installed the SVA alarm dialler during the past year. Daniël: "We forward various alerts, such as boiler malfunctions. This results in savings when Improved Efficiency (IE) and High Efficiency (HE) appliances are used. This is because when a HE appliance malfunctions, the gas-guzzling IE appliance takes over. In addition, we also forward the water pressure. This way we prevent the complete failure of the plant, because we have configured the setting such that we are informed well in advance before the pressure drops too low. With these alerts we know what is going on and they enable us to determine the priority with which to dispatch a technician to the location."

Easily and quickly direct the technician

The SVA sends an Email with detailed information about the location and the detected malfunction. Any user or technician can input this information him/herself. "For example, we have recorded key numbers and other information about access to the location. We manage hundreds of locations each with its own operating instructions. By including this information in the alert, we are very easily and especially quickly able to direct the technician," says Daniël.

The small investment in the SVA is quickly recovered, certainly in case of boiler plants. We really prevent major disasters through the early notification of problems. This not only safeguards continuity, residents furthermore are no longer inconvenienced by any problems. "Through improved insight into the situation and our ability to act more proactively, the SVA helps safeguard the reliability of the equipment and a comfortable living environment," says Daniël. "This way we are achieving high customer satisfaction and that is my ultimate goal."

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