"The SVA has made the alarm system far more direct. This prevents a lot of nuisance and distress, and at the same time we are achieving considerable cost savings."

Product: SVA alarm dialler

Industry: Watermanagement

Preventing wet feet

Rain puddles that stay there for days, odour or blocked sewers never are pleasant experiences. Almost all buildings in the rural area are connected to the pressurised sewer system. The wastewater in these buildings is discharged to a pump pit. This pit contains a pump that pumps the wastewater to the sewer system in the developed area. An electric control box is installed near every pump pit that controls the pump. If the pump for any reason does not activate, the red signal lamp at the top or on the side of the control box must light up.

However, sometimes the red lamp does not light up even though there is a malfunction in the pressurised pumping station. Many municipalities in the Netherlands experience a lot of 'fuss' relating to this pressurised sewer system. The red lamp goes unnoticed until there are real problems, the lamp is not working, complaints pour in and the municipality is subsequently faced with requests for reimbursing costs.

Pullens Elektro has been operating in the agriculture and municipality sectors for many years. During this time they have implemented various electrical engineering solutions. In addition to their work in the new building sector and the renovation of housing and commercial buildings, they are responsible for systematic maintenance and a 24/7 service for their customers.  Last summer they implemented the SVA for the municipality of Gemert (NL).

SVA-3G used by Pullens Elektro in pressure sewer system monitoringThe repair technician in action

In the past, expensive connections to a control room were installed for some pumping stations. These connections often did not work properly. Whenever there was no such connection to a control room, people relied on residents to report any burning red lamps. Kees Pullens, Director of Pullens Elektro, explains why they selected the SVA: "By installing an SVA dialler the repair technician is now called and at the same time an e-mail is sent to City Hall. When the technician receives the malfunction alert, he must be onsite within 2 hours in order to repair the malfunction. This has made the system far more direct. This way we prevent a lot of nuisance and distress, and at the same time we are achieving considerable cost savings."

Configuration and commissioning

The SVA can be configured easily using a PC or laptop. The free configuration software SV-prog can be downloaded from the Adésys website for this purpose. Kees Pullens on the installation process: "We were able to properly plan the installation ahead of time in-house, so that the actual on-site installation went very smoothly.  The municipality this time chose to look after the SIM card itself. The municipality was so satisfied with the process and the solution that it ordered additional diallers after this initial installation."

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