Duty schedule module

The duty schedule module is an additional licence for the Octalarm-Touch and the Octalarm-Touch Pro. This module allows you to set alternating fault services for a longer period.

The process at a glance

The benefits

  1. Multiple weekly schedules for mutually different working hours possible
  2. Guaranteed continuity of scheduled services for longer periods
  3. Gaps in schedule visible at a glance
  4. Multiple call preferences can be set per contact
  5. Schedule temporary adjustments, e.g. holidays, in advance
  6. Sick calls simply processed with 1 tick

Duty schedule module

Testimonials: the floor is up to the customer

“Very nice features that make it very easy to make the schedules and you don't have to make changes several times a week.“

Arthur van der Meijs, Crop manager Schenkeveld Schiphol

Product Features

icon-veilig-en-betrouwbaar Safe and reliable

  1. Less risk of errors as recurrent manual adjustments are limited
  2. Gaps in schedule visible at a glance
  3. Continuity ensured by setting alternating breakdown services for a longer period of time

icon-gebruiksvriendelijk User-friendly

  1. Easy to set up via FREE portal (https://portal.octalarm.com)
  2. Holidays and temporary shifts can be scheduled in advance
  3. Sick notes simply processed with 1 tick
  4. Multiple weekly schedules possible

icon-alarmering Alert functions

  1. Alarms to specific contacts from relevant service group via pre-set shifts

icon-systeemeigenschappen System properties and operating conditions

  1. Additional licence suitable for Octalarm-Touch and Octalarm-Touch Pro
  2. Standard included in ARA-Pro Next
  3. Up-to-date softwareversion: 2.5.3

FREE demo: try out the Duty Schedule Module

Reserve a time slot on a dialler with the duty schedule module and try out the licence without directly affecting your own device. You can access the dialler from behind your desk via the portal and use the manual to get started yourself.

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Request quotation Duty Schedule Module

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You can implement the module at two times:

  1. retrospectively on diallers already in use
  2. upon purchase of an Octalarm alarm dialler

Further explanation on how to implement is included in the manual.

Article number Description Price  
SW-Duty Additional licence for setting alternating fault shifts for a longer period. Suitable for the Octalarm-Touch and Octalarm-Touch Pro (contact-controlled). € 520,00
SW-Duty XL Additional licence for longer-term setting of alternating fault shifts for linked climate computers. Suitable for Octalarm-Touch Pro (network-controlled). € 738,00

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