Modalarm- IP

Adesys has developed a new series of DIN rail mounted alarm modems called Modalarm-IP. The new Modalarm-IP is a versatile alarm dialler with an internet connection and line monitoring. Besides the alarm dialler function, the Modalarm-IP is excellent for remote switching and proces control. The Java VM environment makes it possible to develope your own control software.

The benefits

  1. Alarm dialler with spoken messages, SMS, Paging and email alerts
  2. Alerts via phone line (PSTN) and GSM
  3. Compact DIN-rail enclosure

Modalarm- IP

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Product Features

  • DIN rail model, (WxHxD = variable x 95 x 120mm)
  • 4 digital inputs for alarms, 2 remotly switchable outputs
  • PSTN and GSM (2G/3G) models. Combination possible for double security
  • Free help desk support
  • Built-in overvoltage protection
  • Emergency power supply provided by internal NiMH battery with battery monitoring and trickle charger
  • Speech messages to telephone, can be uploaded from a PC
  • Reporting to (alpha) numerical pager
  • Reporting to cell phones using SMS messages
  • Reset reports
  • Menu driven, adjustable via ethernet (UTP) port with your web browser or via the internet
  • Comprehensive data logger for the most recent actions with date and time


Examples of applications

The Modalarm-IP alarm dialers can be used to monitor critical processes such as monitoring pumping and purification stations in the water industry for example or monitoring machines and production processes in industry. When used as switching device or control system it can even replace small PLC's were you have control and alarm functions in 1 unit leading to smaller investments and automatic integration of these functions.

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