The Modalarm-IP combines telephone alarms, data communication and telemetry in one device. The compact DIN-rail enclosure and the programmable control system (Java VM) make the dialler ideal for monitoring and communicating with a large number of different technical applications.

The benefits

  1. Monitoring and communication with machines and processes
  2. Telemetry via (mobile) internet or analogue telephone connection (PSTN)
  3. Alerts via analogue telephone connection (PSTN) and/or GSM (2-3G)
  4. Alerts sent as spoken messages and SMS
  5. Compact DIN-rail enclosure

A consideration

We would like to point out that the lifespan of this dialler is limited due to changes in the telecom networks (see the knowledge article Disabling 2G and 3G network, what does this mean for my alerts?). Our sales department will be happy to help you choose the right product.

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Product Features

icon-safe-and-reliable Safe and reliable

  1. PSTN (analogue connection), GSM (3G with fallback to 2G if 3G is not available) and IP-alarm versions
  2. Built-in overvoltage protection
  3. Emergency power supply by internal NiMH battery with battery monitoring and trickle charger

icon-user-friendly User-Friendly

  1. Menu driven, adjustable via free software program IP-prog or by ethernet (UTP) port with your web browser / internet
  2. Extensive data logger (with date and time)

icon-alerting Alert functions

  1. Alert types
    1. voice message to telephone
    2. SMS message to mobile phone
  2. Alert functions
    1. Automatic repetition
    2. Reset option while reporting or by calling back with voice response-system
    3. Day, night, weekend program for alternative report numbers
    4. Notification on power failure
    5. Recovery messages when alarm is cleared
    6. Remote switching of outputs
    7. Can be combined with ARA-pro reporting system from Adésys
  3. Number of call options: 40 (with adjustable dialler per input)


  1. Remote switching with feedback
  2. Remote monitoring of analogue measured values
  3. Pulse counter / counting operating hours
  4. Java VM programming platform for custom process controls
  5. Network telemetry from modem to modem (Modalarm-IP <-> Modalarm-IP and Modalarm-IP <-> SCADA
  6. Controllable via XML protocol (alternatives on request)

icon-system-properties-and-operating-conditions System properties and operating conditions

  1. Number of inputs: 4 , can be uses as digital alarm or status inputs / analogue inputs for limit value monitoring
  2. Number of outputs: 2, switchable by phone, modem or internet / analogue output for following measured values
  3. DIN-rail enclosure, dimensions 56 x 95 x 20 mm (W x H x D)


Applications: monitor and control critical processes

  1. Water Management: monitoring pumping and purification stations
  2. Industry: monitoring machines and production processes
  3. Building Management: monitoring building management systems

When used as switching device or control system this device can even replace small PLC's were you have control and alarm functions in 1 unit; leading to smaller investments and automatic integration of these functions. Remote switching from unit to unit is possible via PSTN, GSM and IP connection.

Easy configuration and remote control

By linking the Modalarm-IP to the internet you can easily configure the dialler with a PC or laptop. This can be done in two ways:

  • with the configuration program IP-prog (see service/downloads);
  • with IP address alarm dialler via a local company network / web browser.
  1. Excellent overview of all functions
  2. Setting and reading the alarm dialler
  3. View log (with all events)
  4. View alarm status

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Note: limited lifespan

As of the beginning of 2020, Dutch telecom providers started phasing out the 3G network  and 3G will no longer be provided by them from January 1, 2022. If the provider support 2G, the Modalarm-IP has an automatic fallback to 2G. However, the 2G network will expire in the Netherlands as of April 2025. We recommend you to contact your provider for clarity in your 2G and 3G delivery guarantee. Due to the loss of these networks, the lifespan of this dialler is limited.

In addition, the Modalarm-IP is only available to a very limited extent due to a small remaining stock and the inability to purchase all components. We have therefore decided to stop producing the Modalarm-IP. If you are interested in purchasing (part of) the remaining stock, we recommend that you contact our sales department. They will be happy to provide you with a customised quote.

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