Alarm Registration and Handling System

The alarm registration and handling system collects your technical alarms from multiple locations and automatically informs the service people based on a duty roster.

The ARA-pro alarm report system consists of a Windows-based software package and one or more telephone interfaces for receiving alarms and forwarding it to the service staff.

The benefits

  1. Central management of all your alarms
  2. Alarm notifications such as voice, SMS text messages and pager messages
  3. Emergency calls via duty roster of service staff

A consideration: the successor ARA-Pro Next

We draw your attention to the fact that the lifetime of the 2G GSM line interface of the current ARA-pro version 5 system is limited due to changes in the telecom networks. We advise you to consider the change to the new ARA-Pro Next notification system. We expect this to be launched in Q1 2022.


Product Features

icon-veilig-en-betrouwbaar Safe and reliable

  1. Processing 24-hour verification reports from telephone alarm diallers
  2. ARA-pro PC failure is reported autonomously by the line interface

icon-gebruiksvriendelijk User-Friendly

  1. Continually updated overview of all your technical installations
  2. Alarm status display on photos or cards from the applications
  3. Extensive log with filtering and reporting options
  4. Suitable for Windows7 and Windows8

icon-alarmering Alert functions

  1. Alert types
    1. Alarm notification via voice, text message or pager
    2. Email reporting of alarms
  2. Alert functions
    1. Acceptance procedure for incoming alarms
    2. Adjustable severity levels of alarms
    3. Alarm calls based on the duty roster of service people
    4. Alarm reception from
      1. almost every brand of telephone alrm dialler
      2. Dupline I/O system directly on ARA-pro
      3. Link with Priva Office, WebEasy and Hoogendoorn climate computer
      4. other pc applications such as SCADA (via IP link)


Alerts based on duty roster service people

Incoming alarms from climate computers, Dupline I/O, or alarm diallers that monitor critical technical installations are processed by ARA-pro once a technical failure occurs. Once inside the ARA-pro alarm report system, an emergency is assigned to an alarm and, if desired, a call for a malfunction engineer can be started. The shifts of all technicians are classified and recorded in the extensive duty roster. This way, the right technician is always called.

Combination with process computers for individual dialling out alarms with priority assignment

iSii + ARA-pro (AR-iSii): reliable handling and registration of iSii alarms

The combination of ARA-pro with the iSii package from Hoogendoorn Growth Management offers large nurseries with multiple locations and iSii process computers more convenience and extra security in handling alarms. The iSii + ARA-pro software takes into account the urgency of the alarm and the duty roster of the standby team when notifications are made. This means that notifications of non-urgent alarms during the night are delayed until the following day.

Priva + ARA-pro (AR-PO): calling out climate computer failures

For horticultural applications, ARA-pro can be integrated with the Priva Office climate computer so that all alarms known in Priva Office can be called by name as alarm messages. This will give you the detailed information about existing alarms available on your smartphone. Due to the smart filter function it is also possible to group alarms so that you only receive the main alarm and not all consequence alarms.

Webeasy + ARA-pro (AR-WE): controlling alarm handling of building-related installations

In order to process and manage alarms from building management applications, a link has been made between the Webeasy building management systems and the Adésys ARA-pro alarm report system. With this link, an active alarm is sent in the event of failure of building-related installations according to a pre-set duty roster of the service staff. This gives you, as a building manager, the certainty of a structured handling of all alarms from your building-related installations.

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Note: limited lifespan

The current ARA-pro (version 5) system uses 2G line interfaces. However, the 2G network will be discontinued in April 2025. As a result, the lifespan of this solution is limited. We advise you to consider switching to the new ARA-Pro Next notification bank. We expect this to be available on the market in Q1 2022.

In addition, experience shows that we need more information about your business process to assess whether the ARA-pro is the best solution for this. We therefore recommend you to contact our sales department before ordering an ARA-pro.

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