The ARA-pro (ARA5) is no longer available. This system will be succeeded by the ARA-Pro Next system.

Do you still monitor your processes with an ARA-pro (ARA5)?

The ARA-pro (version 5) system uses 2G line interfaces. However, the 2G network will be discontinued in April 2025. As a result, the lifespan of this solution is limited. We advise you to consider switching to the new ARA-Pro Next notification bank. We aim to bring ARA-Pro Next to the market in Q4 2022.

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What was ARA-pro (ARA5) again

ARA: Alarm Registration and Handling System

The alarm registration and handling system collects your technical alarms from multiple locations and automatically informs the service people based on a duty roster.

The ARA-pro alarm report system consists of a Windows-based software package and one or more telephone interfaces for receiving alarms and forwarding it to the service staff.

  1. Central management of all your alarms
  2. Alerts based on duty roster service people
  3. Combination with process computers for individual dialling out alarms with priority assignment
    1. iSii + ARA-pro (AR-iSii): reliable handling and registration of iSii alarms
    2. Priva + ARA-pro (AR-PO): calling out climate computer failures
    3. Webeasy + ARA-pro (AR-WE): controlling alarm handling of building-related installations