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About us

Adesys develops and manufactures telephone-based alarm dialers and advanced industrial modems for such fields as the water sector, industry and the agricultural sector.

By focusing on reliability, long availability and implementation support, Adesys is a welcome partner in the world of technical automation. Adesys leads the market in the product group for telephone-based alarm dialers in The Netherlands and Belgium.


Alarm dialer for local detection and telephone-based forwarding to pagers, telephones and alarm centres. Fitted with an internal emergency power supply. Models for PSTN and GSM.


Miniature modem/SMS dialer combination. Alarm dialing using SMS text messages. Data communication by modem or GPRS. Fitted with an internal emergency power supply. DIN rail housing. Models for PSTN and GSM.


Alarm Registration and Processing System. Central alarm station software operating under Windows for registering and forwarding alarms or malfunctions using pre-programmed duty rosters. Compatible with alarm information from virtually all types of alarm dialers.


What we stand for

  • Knowledge of alarm dialers and modems
  • More control over your processes
  • Reliability and ease of use