(Update page: 28-06-2023)

Price lists

Some price lists as of July 2023 supplemented with new products and/or services

Even though there was a lot going on in the world of electronics and prices were under pressure, we had decided not to increase prices as of January 2023. Even though the situation has not changed (yet), we are not implementing any price increases now in mid-2023. We trust this will accommodate the market in these turbulent times.

However, due to various product developments, we have supplemented some price lists with new products and/or services.

Octalarm-Touch and Octalarm-Touch Pro

For the Octalarm-Touch and Octalarm-Touch Pro products, the price lists have been supplemented with:

  1. Duty schedule module (SW-Duty and/or SW-Duty XL)
  2. Several subscription types for Octalarm Connect
    1. Octalarm Connect: GSM and VoIP calling for contact-controlled alarms
    2. VoIP only: VoIP calling for contact-controlled alarms
    3. Octalarm Connect XL: GSM and VoIP calling for network controlled alarms (with Octalarm Link)
    4. VoIP only XL: VoIP calling for network controlled alarms (with Octalarm Link)
  3. Octalarm Link (JSON REST API) for network controlled alarms

The pricing of the Octalarm-Touch Pro, by making Octalarm Link (JSON REST API) available separately, has been adjusted downwards. This has created the choice of deploying the Octalarm-Touch Pro contact-controlled or network-controlled.

ARA-Pro Next

A final price list is available for ARA-Pro Next. Experience shows that we need more information about your business process to assess whether ARA-Pro Next is the best solution for it. We therefore recommend that you contact our sales department before ordering an ARA-Pro Next system. Call our sales team

Download price lists BY PRODUCT

The Modalarm-IP is only available in very limited numbers due to a small remaining stock and not being able to buy all the components anymore. In addition, the lifespan of this dialler is limited by changes in the telecom networks. We have therefore decided to stop producing the Modalarm-IP. If you are interested in purchasing (part of) the remaining stock, we recommend that you contact our sales department. They will be happy to provide you with a customised quote.

Download price overview (in XLSX) ALL PRODUCTS

We regularly receive a request to make our prices available in xlsx format, so that you as an installer can upload them automatically in your own system. The file below has been developed for this purpose. A separate workbook has been created for each product with the relevant articles. On the last workbook you will find an overview of all our articles.

Products in bold have been added or pricing adjusted.

Terms and Conditions

On all transactions our conditions for the metal union 2019 will apply: Download in English.

For the all in service Octalarm Connect additional general conditions apply: Download general terms and conditions Octalarm Connect