(Update page: 26-10-2023)

Price lists

Inflation correction on all items

From January 2024, all our products and accessories will be increased with an inflation correction. The pricing of the Octalarm Connect service, with its various subscription types, will not change and the use of the portal (https://portal.octalarm.com) and the 'Adesys Alarm' app will remain free of charge.

Batteries from service item to accessories

By popular demand from our installer network, we have renamed the S-BATT-6.4V (Touch and Touch Pro) and the S-ACCU-7.2V (Octalarm-IP) from service article to accessory. As a result, the item numbers have changed to A-BATT-6.4V and A-ACCU-7.2V respectively. This change will take effect from 1 January 2024.

Download price overview (in XLSX) ALL PRODUCTS

We regularly receive a request to make our prices available in xlsx format, so that you as an installer can upload them automatically in your own system. The file below has been developed for this purpose. A separate workbook has been created for each product with the relevant articles. On the last workbook you will find an overview of all our articles.

Terms and Conditions

  1. On all transactions our conditions for the metal union 2019 will apply: Download in English.
  2. For the all in service Octalarm Connect additional general conditions apply: Download general terms and conditions Octalarm Connect

Warranty and liability

Each product is subjected to a series of comprehensive tests by Adésys before shipment. The warranty claim is void when:

  • the defect has been caused by gross negligence or incompetent installation;
  • repairs and/or modifications have been made to the equipment without permission from Adésys;
  • the serial number is removed or damaged.

Adésys products do not offer a 100% guarantee against damage, but are only a tool to prevent damage. Therefore, please discuss the remaining risk with your insurer.

All our transactions are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the ‘Metaalunie’ 2019, filed at the Registry of the District Court in Rotterdam on 1 January 2019.

In accordance with article 13 of these Terms and Conditions of the ‘Metaalunie’, Adésys accepts no liability for consequential damage caused by inexpert use of, and/or faults in its products.

In addition to the applicable Terms and Conditions of the ‘Metaalunie’, both Clients and Contractor are obliged to comply with the applicable laws and regulations relating to sanction countries.

Fields of application | Certification

Adésys products are only provided with a CE quality mark, which makes them exclusively suitable for application within the European Economic Area (EEA).