"Through the ability of easily performing malfunction analyses, we are able to convince our customers of the importance of making suggestions for improvement and most definitely the necessity of our system."

Product: SVL Weblogger

Industry: Maakindustrie

Protecting humans and the environment

Buveco Gasdetection BV has been in the business of manufacturing gas detection instruments and systems for over 30 years. They manufacture these solutions themselves, and sell, advise, lease and perform maintenance for these gas detection systems and portable gas detectors. They are used in a wide variety of sectors, such as the oil and gas and chemical sectors, the food, beverage and wastewater sectors, as well as in the shipping and logistics sectors. 

Severa-Webmeter-in-for data logging industryBuveco's customers are obliged to comply with various safety and environmental requirements in all of these sectors.  The purchased, as well as the leased systems are therefore equipped with the SVL, so as to enable customers to comply with legislated obligations arising from, for example, the Occupational Health & Safety Act, the legislated limit values and, for example, the Publication Series on Dangerous Substances standards.

Insight into necessity

Edwin Menke, Sales Manager at Buveco explains why they selected the SVL: "The SVL not only ensures compliance with these rules, it provides actual insight into the situation. Through the possibility of conducting an investigation after a gas alarm and easily performing malfunction analyses, we are able to convince our customers of the importance of a gas detection system or the suggestions for improvement. This tool helps us strengthen our motto 'better safe than sorry'."

Configuration and visualisation in the Cloud

The SVL Weblogger can be configured easily using a PC or laptop. The free configuration software SV-prog can be downloaded from the Adésys website for this purpose. The SVL is connected to the PC using the supplied Ethernet cable to ensure a stable connection. The SVL Weblogger can be linked to the Adésys web platform. This way you have access to and insight into the current alarms and measured values from your processes, anywhere and anytime. 

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