Measurement and alarm solutions for service companies

Would you like malfunctions to be automatically transmitted to the stand-by service technician? Or the right specialist?

Specially developed for service support

The Adésys intelligent alarm modems offer you this capability. They report alarm situations directly, without human intervention, to the right service technician or to an alarm server with duty rosters. Stand-by technicians only receive the alarms that are relevant at that particular point in time. Management acquires greater insight into the operation of the organisation through more extensive reporting capabilities.

ARA-pro alarm server system capabilities

ARA-pro collects your technical alarms and automatically manages the service technicians on the basis of a duty roster. The ARA-pro alarm server system consists of an alarm server software package running under Windows together with a telephone line interface linked to it for the receipt of alarm information and dialling service technicians. Read more about ARA-pro's capabilities here.

Adésys alarm dialers features

  • Ability to report malfunctions from different locations
  • Ability to report power failures
  • Ability to remotely switch alarms and/or sections on/off
  • Ability to activate alarms at the site itself using a buzzer or flashing light
  • Ability to retrieve alarm status via telephone
  • Line monitoring of the telephone connection using SMS in case of line malfunction
Alarm server for handling different alarmlocations.
SVA 4G alarm dialler
Industrial 4G SMS/e-mail alarm dialler for monitoring of your technical processes.
SVL 4G Weblogger
Industrial 4G Weblogger for sending alerts in relation to limit values being exceeded.
SVM 4G modem
Industrial 4G modem/SMS alarm dialler for connection to applications in the field.
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