"We are now able to respond faster to malfunctions and we also resolve them much more quickly." Unnecessary technician call-ups are a thing of the past."

Product: SVL Weblogger

Industry: Mobiele installaties

Cost savings and improvement in comfort

Mobile KitchenAs you might surmise from its name, Kessel Rental Mobile Kitchens B.V. rents out mobile kitchens. These kitchens are deployed throughout Europe. Users sometimes experience a problem, although it is not always clear exactly what the problem is. Using the SVL, Kessel Rental is now able to remotely view exactly what is wrong. 

These kitchens are deployed throughout Europe as soon as a customer has too little capacity, initiates work on a renovation or in case of disasters. The kitchens usually are deployed for a period of 3 months to 6 years. It is therefore very important that all equipment in the kitchen continues to function properly throughout the entire period.

Air humidity, CO2, temperature

The SVL is used to record various values. The humidity and CO2 concentration have a major impact on the well-being of the people working in this kitchen and are therefore recorded. The temperature, crucial to product shelf-life, as well as the comfort of the people working in the kitchen is therefore closely monitored.

By monitoring these measured values and by setting an alert issued by SMS and/or Email when the limit values are exceeded, they were more quickly informed of any potential problems. This enabled them to resolve the problem more quickly, often without having to go on-site.

Ruud Hoedemaekers, Project Manager at Kessel Rental: 'In the past, temperature problems were often caused by problems with the refrigeration unit. From experience we know that failure to fully close a freezer door often is the problem. The door switch provided a solution. As soon as we determine that the temperature deviates from the limit values we take action."

SMS and/or Email

The PT100 temperature sensors can be connected directly to the web logger. Each channel can be configured to take measurements at specified times and if there is a temperature deviation the specified contacts receive an SMS text message and/or Email alert. Ruud Hoedemaekers: "We are now able to respond faster to malfunctions and we also resolve them much more quickly." In addition, on the basis of the temperature trends for previous projects we are now able to better regulate the climate and air conditioning for new projects. This saves us and our customers a great deal of time and money."

Easy to use and user friendly

Through the very user friendly SV-prog configuration tool it is very easy to configure the SVL. This free tool can be downloaded from our website. In addition it is also possible to adjust a number of settings via the web portal.

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