Are you an installer? Take advantage of this promotion!

Get €100 cashback on your purchase of an Octalarm-Touch

Promotion extended to end of May 2021

If your alarm dialler is older than 10 years, use this cashback promotion to replace your alarm dialler and avoid the risk of damage. Invest now in the Octalarm-Touch and as an end customer you will receive € 100 cashback in your bank account. First, order the new alarm dialler from your installer and have your old device removed and the new one installed during a single visit. This ensures that you have a safe and reliable alarm dialler and it prevents a situation in which you are temporarily without an alarm dialler. After we have received your old device, we will transfer the amount to the bank account you specified.

Not (yet) convinced that you need to replace your alarm device? 
Simple: can you still rely on your current alarm dialer?

How does the alarm dialler cashback promotion work?

Cashback promotion Process-step1-to-step6

  1. Order the Octalarm-Touch from your installer. He will take care of safe and reliable installation of the new alarm dialler.
  2. Fill out the cashback form and receive a confirmation of your registration via e-mail.
    The serial number (SN) of the alarm dialler can be found on the label on the back of the unit and under Settings | System Info
  3. Print the confirmation so you can send it to us.
  4. Package the old unit TOGETHER WITH the cashback form (e-mail confirmation) and address the package to Adésys. If you use the address Antwoordnummer 20124 (2290 WG Wateringen), we will pay the shipping costs.
  5. Give the package to your installer, who will ensure the old alarm dialler is shipped to Wateringen.
  6. You will receive € 100 cashback in the specified IBAN bank account (account in the name of the end customer).

If you have no installer,
please do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you for an Adésys partner who is active in your area.

Terms and conditions for the promotion

  1. The alarm dialler cashback promotion runs from 14 September 2020 until 31 May 2021
  2. Cashback on purchase of an Octalarm-Touch only
  3. Cashback to end customer
  4. Cashback does not include VAT
  5. Return the package at our expense to Antwoordnummer 20124, 2290 WG Wateringen

Make the most of your new alarm dialler with Octalarm Connect

The service Octalarm Connect* ensures that calls via mobile networks and VoIP are available immediately for low, fixed costs per month. Your installer can easily activate the supplied SIM card during the setup wizard. As a result, no firewall issues (VPN) occur and no manual email settings (SMTP) are required. Herewith, the alarm dialler works out of the box. This saves the installer a lot of searching and setup time!

  1. All in service for GSM and VoIP calling with KPN SIM card and 24/7 monitored Adésys servers
  2. Fully configured and ready for use right out of the box
  3. Monthly settlement via direct debit or credit card with end customer (€ 13,95 per month)

* Octalarm Connect has coverage in zone 1 and zonde 2.

Why choose for Octalarm Connect?

Yes, I want to exchange my alarm dialler

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