Sorry, the alarm dialler cashback promotion has ended

Action ran from 14-09-2020 until 31-05-2021

Are you still monitoring your processes with a 1st or 2nd generation Octalarm, an Octalarm-T, a Modalarm D or Modalarm-T?

This dialler may be more than 15 years old and no longer guarantees a reliable alarm signal. Electronics are ageing, the risk of failure is increasing and it is impossible to predict when the detector will fail. Waiting until this happens will lead to a situation where you are temporarily without an alarm and risk financial and emotional damage. Of course, this is not an option!

What are the risks of old detectors?

If you want to know more about alarm diallers for monitoring critical technical processes to prevent damage and product loss, please contact our sales department or read the information on the product page Octalarm-Touch.