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Technical installations are becoming more extensive and complicated because of scaling-up and this means that the demands that are put on monitoring and alarms when there are technical failures increase accordingly. Adesys BV has responded to this with its new series of Octalarm-IP alarm dialers. A completely new concept where direct alarms, registering all events and monitoring the entire alarm chain are central.

The advantages:

  • Alarm dialer with spoken messages, SMS, Paging, e-mail alerts
  • Double security (PSTN and GSM connection)
  • Up to 12 alarm inputs
  • Build-in emergency supply

The Octalarm-IP

The Octalarm-IP is a versatile alarm dialer with easy to use controls. Something new is the option of a second call connection via GSM for example in case the first connection should fail. So your alarm always gets through.

Application Examples

The Octalarm alarm dialers are often used to monitor critical processes. This could be for monitoring greenhouses in the horticultural sector or in intensive cattle farms for monitoring cowsheds for example. The Octalarm is also frequently used in industry for monitoring machines or production processes.

Comforting Certainty

The Octalarm-IP is an alarm that is completely at home in an automated environment where there aren't always people present to monitor the processes. This product has been developed in close cooperation with users and insurance companies so that the latest preferences and requirements can be met.

This product is used in:

  • Wall model, which can also be placed on a table (WxHxD = 233x174x55mm)
  • Between 2 and 12 digital alarm inputs which can be switched on and off
  • PSTN (analogue telephone line), or GSM models
  • Extra GSM module possible for double certainty (2G/3G)
  • Connection to internet possible
  • Alert to telephone using either a standard message or one you have recorded yourself
  • Alert to (alfa) numeric pager or alarm central
  • Alert via SMS message to mobile telephone
  • Reset alerts
  • Menu driven via keyboard and display, and via ethernet (UTP)
  • Local telephone line monitoring with buzzer alert
  • Comprehensive data logger (with date and time) for the last actions
  • Emergency power supply provided by internal NiMH battery with battery monitoring and battery loader
  • Built-in alarm buzzer, connection for external buzzer and flash light alert
  • Built-in power surge protection
  • Free helpdesk support
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