Network controlled alarms now possible with the new Octalarm-Touch Pro

The Octalarm-Touch Pro has been developed especially for technical installations that need to be able to report large numbers of alarms via a separate network interface. In addition to safe and reliable alarms via today's (strongly changed) digital telephone networks, the Octalarm-Touch Pro has an extra Ethernet port and the Adésys standard 'Octalarm Link' (JSON REST API) for network controlled alarms.

Icon Ethernet port 0 icon Ether port 1 Separate network interfaces for added security

The Octalarm-Touch Pro has two Ethernet ports. This makes it possible to connect the alarm device at the same time completely separately to both a technical network and to a company network/public network.

icon REST API Network controlled alarms for reporting large numbers of alarms

Network controlled alarms are alarms sent out by (technical) systems within their own network. Examples are feed and climate computers in intensive animal husbandry, climate computers in horticulture, SCADA systems in the water world or any other process computer for critical technical processes. Your technical system can be easily connected to the Octalarm-Touch Pro via 'Octalarm Link' (JSON REST API).

Octalarm-Touch Pro in practice

Especially in the water world, secure alarms via a completely separate network interface are important. WMD Drinkwater BV, to whom we delivered the first Octalarm-Touch Pro, decided to switch to the Octalarm because of the notification to pagers via SOAP and API. By choosing the Octalarm-Touch Pro now, they are assured of a safe handling of critical alarms, now and in the future!

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