Totally new ARA-Pro almost available: ARA-Pro Next

The current ARA-Pro 5 is a comprehensive Windows application which has been extended over the years. The new ARA-Pro Next will be available in phases and will be extended step by step after the first release. We are proud to announce that the first version of ARA-Pro Next will be available at the end of Q2!

Currently our engineers are working on the successor of ARA-Pro version 5. This new system is called ARA-Pro Next. This is a completely new set-up that no longer runs on a PC but on the hardware of the Octalarm-Touch Pro. All still relevant functionalities are rebuilt and modernised.

For existing users, the time to switch to ARA-Pro Next depends on the current set-up and the completion of replacement functionality for that set-up.

More info about ARA-Pro Next

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