Easily and securely set alternating (fault) services on your Octalarm dialler(s)

Do you change your call lists in the Octalarm alarm dialler every week? Or do you link a different call list to your alarm input each time? Is 1 weekly schedule not enough for monitoring your alarms? Or would you like more flexibility for scheduling your service technicians in case of alarms? The duty schedule module for Octalarm alarm dialler(s) offers the solution!

As you may know, a Octalarm alarm dialler work with 1 standard weekly schedule. But in practice, many situations arise where 1 schedule is not sufficient. For example, if one fault department has different working hours from the other fault department. Or fault technicians or service people work alternating shifts, which means you continuously adjust call lists or link other call lists to the alarm inputs. This is very laborious and prone to errors.

We developed the duty schedule module especially for this purpose: an additional software module that you install on your Touch or Touch Pro via a purchased licence. With this module, you can easily schedule alternating fault shifts for a longer period using a laptop or PC.

  1. Simple scheduling of service engineers or service people
  2. Weekly changes to call lists are no longer necessary
  3. Holidays can be planned in advance
  4. Cancellations in the morning simply processed with 1 tick - extension in a subsequent version
  5. Gaps in schedule visible at a glance
  6. Continuity of alerting is guaranteed

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