Network controlled alarms from VEC computer control system of Dutch Mushroom Projects now possible

The state of the art computer control system for compost preparation and mushroom cultivation from Dutch Mushroom Projects (DMP) can now trigger network-controlled alarms directly via the Octalarm-Touch Pro. This makes DMP the first supplier to have linked their process computer to the alarm dialler via Octalarm Link (JSON REST API).

The DMP VEC computer control system for compost preparation and mushroom growing is generally accepted as the most advanced computer system in the industry and is designed to control the entire farm process from phase 1, through phase 2/3 up to growing. The VEC-41 is the latest generation of computers using the most modern technology and therefore fits well with the Octalarm-Touch Pro.

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Alarms via Octalarm Link (JSON REST API) make it possible to report large quantities of alarms. The available details of the alarms from the DMP VEC system are transferred as voice message, app alarm, text message or pager. The large amounts of alarms can be grouped into alarm categories with the corresponding priority. Each category is then linked to a handling. In this way the Octalarm-Touch Pro alarm dialler can be easily and automatically configured from the VEC computer control systems via the REST API.

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