More extra functions in the Octalarm-Touch

For the third time in a row, April is marked by a launch around the Octalarm-Touch for Adésys. In April 2019, we introduced our new alarm monitor for monitoring critical technical processes. Last year April followed the first software update with a number of important additions that further increased the safety and ease of use of the Octalarm-Touch. This year's update includes 5 new functions, of which the change log (audit trail) makes a major contribution to the transparency of alarm safety. It is therefore again highly recommended that this update be implemented.

The 5 new functions at a glance

 Change log (audit trail)

Insight in the logged data is especially important for control after incidents. The audit trail makes it easy to filter all chronological activities into contacts, call lists, alarms and settings.

See chapter 8 'Log' of the Octalarm-Touch manual for further explanation.

 Local delay

The local alarm delay ensures that the alarm is first signalled, before the buzzer or flashing light go on. The duration of the delay can be set manually.

See chapter 7.3.2 ‘Speaker’ of the Octalarm-Touch manual for further explanation.

Check for software updates

When the Octalarm-Touch is connected to the internet, the software is automatically updated. With the button 'Check software' a forced search for a possible update can be done. It is always important to provide the Octalarm-Touch with the most recent software version.

See chapter 7.3.5 ‘Software update’ of the Octalarm-Touch manual for further explanation.

Reporting to ARA 5

With software version 2.3.0, it is possible to report alarms to the current ARA 5 system. This is a good alternative to the outdated Octalarm-IP.

See chapter 7.4.8 ‘ARA 5 (ARA-pro version 5; windows based)’ of the Octalarm-Touch manual for further explanation.

Language Danish

Danish has been added as a system language, including 2 new voices. The system language is the language spoken and used for alarm handling.

See chapter 7.2.1 ‘System language’ of the Octalarm-Touch manual for further explanation.

Installing software version 2.3.0

Users can perform the update themselves as soon as the message "new software is available" appears on the alarm display. The update process is safe and takes about 15 seconds, which means that the alarm is not interrupted for a long time.

The new functions are included in the manual (version 04-2021).

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