Octalarm Connect now also covers outside Europe

Octalarm Connect now not only works in Europe (zone 1), but also in the United States (USA), Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan and some countries in South America and Africa (zone 2).

Calling at low, fixed costs per month via GSM and VoIP/SIP with the Octalarm Connect service works in zone 1 and zone 2 (see overview below). Via the setup wizard you can easily activate the SIM card. The required zone is automatically determined by selecting a region and country during the initial configuration of the alarm dialler.

Why Octalarm Connect again?

Because then your customer can make optimal use of the Octalarm-Touch and you can guarantee a safe and reliable alarm to your customer in a very user friendly and simple way:

  1. All settings set by default, so immediately ready to go
  2. No problems with firewalls (VPN)
  3. No manual Email settings needed (SMTP)
  4. Reliable VoIP/SIP and mobile phone connections set in one go
  5. VoIP/SIP call connection through duplicated secure servers from Adésys without difficult settings
  6. Always connected for (automatic) software updates

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