Octalarm-Touch new release available

Adésys has put a lot of effort into the latest release of the Octalarm-Touch software. This release introduces 3 key new features that will further increase the security and user-friendliness of the Octalarm-Touch, and we therefore highly recommend installing this update.

Octalarm-Touch is now even safer and more user-friendly!

Remote setup and management

Installers and end users can now remotely set up and manage Octalarm-Touch alarm diallers connected to the internet. To use this feature, you need a company account on the Octalarm portal (https://portal.octalarm.com) or a local company network, on which you can access the IP address of the alarm via a web browser.

Alarm management via Octalarm portal
You can add Octalarm-Touch alarm diallers to your company account by entering the serial number and pairing code of the Octalarm-Touch. These devices can be installed at various locations. After the diallers have been paired, installers and users will be able to manage them remotely with their own account and own permissions.

Portal for remote setup and management Octalarm-Touch alarm dialler

Management via local company network (with the alarm diallers IP address)
To use this method, your Octalarm-Touch should be connected to the company network via the UTP connection. Via a web browser on a PC on that network, you can access the the alarm dialler by typing the IP address of the unit in question into the browser address bar. Now sign into the alarm dialler with your registered username and password to manage it remotely.

See chapter 9 'Remote Setting' of the Octalarm-Touch manual for further explanation.

EM-8001 (external module): number of inputs increased

There is only one version of the Octalarm-Touch, which has 8 inputs as standard. By popular demand, we have also developed an extension module, the EM-8001. The EM-8001 is available as of today. This module can be used to extend the number of inputs on the Octalarm-Touch to 16 or even 24 (max. 2 modules per alarm). The EM-8001 is connected to the Octalarm-Touch via the I/O bus (RS485). With the software update, the alarm dialler is ready for these possible extensions.

EM-8001 external module

See chapter 10 'Externa IO: EM-8001 (external module)' of the Octalarm-Touch manual for further explanation.

More secure thanks to system outage safeguards and the ‘multiple alarms’ feature

System outage safeguards are alarms that help protect the uptime of the Octalarm-Touch:

  • Mains failure - in the event of a power failure
  • Internal malfunctions - a collection of failures that threaten alarm activation: GSM, VoIP/SIP, PSTN, External IO (EM-8001) unavailable, battery failure
  • Grouping multiple alarms at the same time - the new ‘multiple alarms’ feature

Each category can be linked to a (specific) call list.

The new 'multiple alarms' feature
With the addition of the EM-8001 extension modules, the number of alarms to process increases. When more than 5 alarms are triggered at the same time due to a power failure, for instance, processing them all individually is a waste of time. Now, these alarms are grouped, triggering a ‘power failure’ alarm as well as a ‘multiple alarms’ notification. We strongly recommend linking this feature to an urgent call list.

See chapter 6.2. 'System failures' of the Octalarm-Touch manual for further explanation.

Installing release 2

Users can install the update themselves as soon as they see the message “new software available” appear on the display of their alarm dialler. The update process is secure and takes approximately 15 seconds, so the alarm is not interrupted for long.

The manual has been updated and the new features have been added.

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