Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question not listed?
You can also always contact the helpdesk. They can be reached on Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on telephone number +31 174 794024 or by Email at


Placing an order

You can request quotes online. You can place your order by phone, e-mail or fax.

Click here for our contact details.


Accepted payment methods

Prepayment: In almost all cases, we use prepayment for our clients abroad.

Purchase on account: In case of purchase on account, the invoiced amount must be paid by the date indicated on the invoice (30 calendar days after the invoice date).  The payment method 'purchase on account' is not available to all buyers and requires a customer status with a positive credit rating. All orders are reviewed by Adésys. You will then receive feedback in the form of a confirmation or rejection within 2 business days. In the latter instance you then have the option of paying the outstanding amount via iDEAL or transfer. 


Shipping Costs
The shipping costs for destinations beyond the Netherlands are available on request.

Order delivery lead time
On average, standard products are delivered within 2 business days. 

Shipment status tracking
A GLS Track & Trace number will be provided on request. There is no link with the GLS Label Lite program, which is why customers are not automatically sent Track & Trace information.

Why did I not yet receive an order confirmation?
All orders are processed manually, whether they are placed online, by telephone or e-mail. As soon as an order is dealt with, an order confirmation is sent by e-mail or fax.


Returning an item
Contact our Sales Department or Helpdesk to return an item. They will provide an RMA number which you must include with the return so that we can quickly process a refund payment.

Can items be exchanged?
This depends on a number of factors. This is why you should always contact the Sales Department when you want to return a product. 

My purchase is damaged or incomplete. What should I do?
We consider it very troublesome when your purchase is damaged or incomplete. In that case contact the Sales Department and we will ensure that the return shipment is processed quick and efficiently. 


Octalarm-IP Alerts

What type of alerts is the Octalarm-IP capable of sending?
The Octalarm-IP can transmit the following types of alerts: telephone voice call-ups, SMS, paging and e-mail messages. When the alert concerns a critical alarm, we recommend you make use of the telephone voice call-up. 

Can alerts be blocked within certain time periods?
This is possible in the 'Action Lists' menu. For support, contact our Support Department free of charge by phone on +31174-794022.

Can alerts be forwarded to someone else within certain time periods?
This is possible in the 'Action Lists' menu. For support, contact our Support Department free of charge by phone on +31174-794022.

I am unable to send any e-mail messages via the LAN.
Make sure that port 52525 on the firewall is open.

Configuring the Octalarm-IP

I have lost/forgotten my login code!
You must enter an (operator) code into the Octalarm-IP alarm dialler to access its settings. If you removed all of the operators from the system, or you no longer have the code you can, in principle, no longer access the alarm dialler and you can therefore no longer configure the device.

However, there is a way to generate a temporary code that provides you with temporary installer rights, enabling you to create new operators. Call the Adésys Helpdesk to have a temporary password/login code generated. 

The red LED lamp near the key lock is lit. Does this mean that my emergency battery is defective?
When the red LED lamp near the key lock is lit this means that there was a system malfunction. The cause of this malfunction is shown on the alarm dialler's display. If the cause is not/no longer visible on the display, you can find the cause in the log. In other words, the cause could be something other than a defective emergency battery!

Is it possible to equip any type of Octalarm-IP with a GSM module?
No, only the A Line Octalarm-IP diallers can be equipped with a GSM module.

How do I upload the right software into the dialler after a GSM module is added?
Before you add the GSM module contact the Helpdesk on 0174 794024. We are then happy to assist you with this. 

I am unable to log into the alarm dialler from my PC.
Make sure that the alarm dialler and your PC form part of the same network. Press the reset button below the UTP connection of the alarm dialler to ensure that the dialler is assigned a new IP address.

Where can I purchase the battery (7.2V S battery) for the Octalarm-IP?
You can purchase this battery from your installer or by sending an e-mail with your company details to 

What are the possible language settings?
The Octalarm-IP works with the following languages by default: Dutch, English, French, and German. Spanish is also available on request.

Unable to upload a WAV file. According to IP-prog the file is too big.
We have a separate recorder that can be used for this purpose. You can download this recorder here free of charge.

Software Updates 

There are two ways to update your software:

with IP-prog
You can use IP-prog to update your diallers when there is no internet. You can connect your PC/laptop directly to the alarm dialler and then start up the update.

However, it is not possible to use IP-prog to update other types of Octalarm-IP versions. In other words, you cannot update an Octalarm-IP Type PE with a PG software version. It is therefore not possible to implement a GSM expansion using IP-prog.

If you must or wish to implement an update like this, contact us on +31 174 794024 or complete our contact form.

With the Adésys Control Center (ACC)
Note: this option only applies to Octalarm-IP alarm diallers with a serial number lower than 2032001 (these are diallers that were purchased before August 2020).

The alarm dialler must be connected to the internet to update via ACC. Before you can update you must contact Adésys by phone. We will then provide you with access to this option. If the update involves a type change (for example, a GSM expansion), Adésys will adjust the type via the ACC, before the update actually takes place.

We recently discovered that updates via the ACC do not always complete successfully for versions older than RV-2.10.0. This is why we recommend that you send versions older than RV-2.10.0 to Adésys.  We can then update alarm diallers with these software versions in our Service Centre for you.

ACC (Adésys Control Centre)

I am unable to log into the ACC. What could be the reason for this?
The use of the Edge browser can cause problems. When you use Google Chrome, for example, you should not experience any problems. If you continue to experience login problems, contact us. 

I do not see the menu option '01 Adesys Control Centre (ACC) 'in my alarm dialler. How is this possible?
The ACC will be switched off in the long term (read more about this in the news item). Octalarm-IP alarm diallers with the serial number 2032001 and higher (these are detectors purchased from August 2020) cannot use the facilities of the ACC; the menu option '01 Adésys Control Center (ACC)' in the detector has been removed. For remote setting, you can use the free setting program IP-prog and / or a local company network / web browser (approach detector via IP address alarm detector).

Is it true that the ACC will expire?
Yes that's right. The application has now become obsolete, making it increasingly difficult for us to keep this reporting center still working. For that reason, it was decided to disable the ACC by 1 July 2021 at the latest. Read the news item about disabling the ACC.


Configuring the Modalarm-IP

I no longer remember the fixed IP address. How do I log into the Modalarm-IP anyway?
You can reset the dialler to DHCP by pressing the reset button 4 times for 3 seconds with a 1 second pause in between each time.

Can I set a fixed IP address in the Modalarm-IP?
Yes, this is possible. The dialler can be set to a fixed IP address as well as DHCP.

Where can I find additional information to configure the Modalarm-IP?
An online manual for the Modalarm-IP is available at

Can the inputs also be configured as analogue inputs?
Yes this is possible. All four inputs can be set as a contact, 0-10V or 4-20mA input.

I would like to activate an output at location A when an input becomes active at location B. Is this possible with the Modalarm-IP?
Yes this is possible. With 2 Modalarm-IP modules you can transfer this action via the internet (mobile as well as fixed internet (LAN/WAN)).


Configuring the SVA

How often is the call list repeated?
The call list is processed once from top to bottom. If there is no response the call list is not repeated.

Do I need any SMTP settings to send an e-mail?
No, SMTP settings not required. Just entering the e-mail address in the call list is sufficient.


Configuring the SVM

Can I use the AT command to send an SMS message?
Yes, you can do this via the RS232 connection. Send AT+CMGS="+31612345678" to the SVM.
The SVM responds with an > 
You then send the text and when you are ready, you terminate with Ctrl-z.


Configuring the SVL

Can I monitor the upper and lower limit of an analogue input?
Yes, this is possible. You can set 2 alarm limits for each input.

How do I adjust the settings?
You can use the SV-prog tool for this purpose. This tool can be downloaded free of charge. It is also possible to adjust a number of settings via the web portal.


Configuring the SVMX56

Which connection should be used to connect my controller?
Use the RS232 (SUB D9) connection on the modem to connect the controller.

What is the APN name of the KPN network for a fixed IP address?
APN: advancedinternet
User name: KPN
Password: gprs

How do I know what my fixed IP address is?
In the SV-prog status screen under GSM IP address you will see the fixed IP address of the SIM card.

I am unable to establish a connection with the linked dialler via SV-prog.
Check whether the network adapter in SV-prog is configured correctly.

I am unable to see any diallers in SV-prog when I use a 1 on 1 connection.
Place the PC and the SV dialler in the same network to establish a connection. (PC-related settings can prevent a 1 on 1 connection from working).

When I revert to the factory settings I lose my settings.
The most often SVMX56 settings are posted on this website. You can download the settings that apply to you and upload them into the SVM.

Is the SVM equipped with a Firewall?
Yes, only the port to which the controller is connected is accessible. The other ports are closed. In addition, a whitelist that contains the IP addresses that should be provided with access to the modem can be created.

Does the SVM make use of a cloud service?
No, there are no subscription costs associated with the SVM. The SVM does not make use of cloud services. It is a one-time acquisition. If a SIM card is used you do need a subscription for making use of the GSM network.

I do not see a (fixed) IP address on the status screen.
Restart the modem once by pressing the (yellow) reset button for 8 seconds. The modem then restarts.

I receive a communication error when I want to use TC Engineer or Operator to establish a connection with a Blue ID Project.
The port by default is set to 15000 (HX Controller). For a Blue ID Project this should be 15001. You can set this in the SVMX56 by going to Modem -> Server mode -> listening on Port 15001.