Configuring the SVMX56

Which connection should be used to connect my controller?
Use the RS232 (SUB D9) connection on the modem to connect the controller.

What is the APN name of the KPN network for a fixed IP address?
APN: advancedinternet
User name: KPN
Password: gprs

How do I know what my fixed IP address is?
In the SV-prog status screen under GSM IP address you will see the fixed IP address of the SIM card.

I am unable to establish a connection with the linked dialler via SV-prog.
Check whether the network adapter in SV-prog is configured correctly.

I am unable to see any diallers in SV-prog when I use a 1 on 1 connection.
Place the PC and the SV dialler in the same network to establish a connection. (PC-related settings can prevent a 1 on 1 connection from working).

When I revert to the factory settings I lose my settings.
The most often SVMX56 settings are posted on this website. You can download the settings that apply to you and upload them into the SVM.

Is the SVM equipped with a Firewall?
Yes, only the port to which the controller is connected is accessible. The other ports are closed. In addition, a whitelist that contains the IP addresses that should be provided with access to the modem can be created.

Does the SVM make use of a cloud service?
No, there are no subscription costs associated with the SVM. The SVM does not make use of cloud services. It is a one-time acquisition. If a SIM card is used you do need a subscription for making use of the GSM network.

I do not see a (fixed) IP address on the status screen.
Restart the modem once by pressing the (yellow) reset button for 8 seconds. The modem then restarts.

I receive a communication error when I want to use TC Engineer or Operator to establish a connection with a Blue ID Project.
The port by default is set to 15000 (HX Controller). For a Blue ID Project this should be 15001. You can set this in the SVMX56 by going to Modem -> Server mode -> listening on Port 15001.

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